What are Tangrams?

Legend has it that an ancient Chinese glass maker made a large window for the King. On the way up the mountain to deliver it to the King's Castle, the window broke into seven pieces. As the glass maker tried to reassemble the pieces into the original rectangular shape, he noticed many other shapes that could be constructed from these seven pieces. Thus the Tangram Puzzle was born.

Others have disputed this explanation. They say that the Tangram Puzzle did originate in China, but in the 1800s, not in ancient times.

Whichever explanation is true, Tangrams are a very interesting and challenging game.

  Construct the shapes shown using the seven pieces in the middle of the page. You must use all seven pieces for each puzzle. Click and drag to move the pieces. Double clicking on a piece will rotate it. Continue double clicking to cycle through all of the possible orientations for that piece. Have fun!  
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